Soul Revolver Factory  is the new branch of Soul Revolver  selling vintage style leather jackets, motorcycle leather jackets and movie replica jackets along with our cotton styles and custom jackets to customers world wide. All jackets are shipped to you directly from our factory.

We stick by our promise to offer you the highest quality leather jackets to last. We are a unique company that mainly focuses on vintage style leather jackets from the 1970's era but also offer more contemporary styles along with jackets seen in movies and on television made as closely to the original as possible.

We believe the following areas are what makes our leather jackets the best available at a reasonable price:


We only use A1 grade cowhide leather on all parts of the jacket so your jacket is 100% without any lower quality panels hidden inside the jacket or under the arm. The thickness of our leather is 0.7mm which we have found is the perfect thickness. It is not too thick and uncomfortable, nor is it too thin and lightweight which some calfskin or nappa leather tends to be. We use full grain cowhide for a reason: It is the perfect thickness, has a smooth finish and is extremely durable.

The leather we use is perfect for our vintage styles as we cut our jackets closer to the body for a slim fit. A thicker leather would be uncomfortable. We like you to wear Soul Revolver Factory jackets like a second skin that you never want to take off.


The 1970's was a great period for leather jackets. So many amazing, original and cool styles. Then came the 80's and the jackets went all baggy with shoulder pads. That's just plain nasty.

We take a long time studying those vintage leather jackets from the 70's to make sure we bring you our own classic styles without adding too much and going over the top. Clean, cool designs. You will be wearing a jacket that looks like you pulled it straight from the rack in the 70's ready for you to wear in and make your own.

With our movie and television replica jackets we study the movie or show whilst forcing ourselves to eat boxes and boxes of popcorn to bring you a jacket as close to the original as possible, which will look like you pulled it from the screen.


It doesn't matter how nice a product is, it won't mean a thing if you aren't treated with the decency our customers deserve. We are here to help as much as you need to in making your purchase go as smooth as possible so feel free to email  us with any questions you may have. It's not easy buying clothing online so let us know what you need to get the right leather jacket to you.

Be sure to check out our size guide here which will help you with your sizing.


Soul Revolver Factory
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Soul Revolver Factory ® is a registered trademark in the USA, Great Britain and other countries.